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    Như Quỳnh
    Như Quỳnh

    Like a brilliant star, Nhu Quynh's fame came to her only within the past 2 years. Many critics speculate that her success and stardom will only reach greater heights as Nhu Quynh is still very young. She also has great command over her voice and a varied repertoire in her musical skills. Since her debut, Nhu Quynh has steadily developed into a very solid performer.

    Nhu Quynh was born in Dong Ha township, Quang Tri prefecture not far from Hue. She is the oldest in a family of three. Her mom was going to name her Ðông Hà, after her birth place but decided to name her Lâm Quy`nh Nhu+ instead. At a very young age, Nhu Quynh has already demonstrated her skills and talent as a performer. She regularly performed on the stage of her old elementary school and later graduated to performing in local television programs for children. Nhu Quynh studied music under professor Bá Thái of the Vietnamese National Music Institute and for a time, she taught music to young children in District 1 of Saigon.

    In the spring of 1993, Nhu Quynh's family immigrated to the United States and settled in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In 1994, her parents met a fellow countryman with connections to Asia Productions. One thing led to another and Nhu Quynh sent her picture and test tape to Asia. She was contacted and immediately signed an exclusive contract with Asia Productions.

    Nhu Quynh first appeared in Asia's "Dem Saigon - Giang Sinh va Tinh Yeu" music video. Her rendition of Nguoi Tinh Mua Dong left an unforgetable image of a beautiful singer with a sweet voice. Nhu Quynh has since came out with three CDs on Asia. Her first CD, Chuyen Hoa Sim, won critical acclaims from many in the industry. She released her second CD, Rung La Thay Chua which was also well received. Her third and most recent CD, Chuyen Tinh Hoa Trang was also a success proving that Nhu Quynh is not a "one song phenom" and that she is a singer with staying power and a very bright future.

    After ending her contract with Asia Productions in the summer of 1996, Nhu Quynh started her own production company. N-Q Records so far has released 2 CDs, both well received. Her most recent music video appearances are on Thuy Nga Paris label and she is in big demand for performing in concerts around the world.

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